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About Cometa Bus Company

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São Paulo (SP)

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The history of Cometa Bus Company begins in 1937, at the time operating only urban buses in the city of São Paulo and under the name Auto Jabaquara Bus Enterprise SA. The founder of company was the entrepreneur Tito Mascioli. In 1947 Tito acquired Auto São Paulo-Santos Bus Company LLC, which later, in 1948, was renamed Cometa Bus Company SA. The bus company is part of the JCA group, which also includes 1001, Catarinense, Rapid Ribeirão Preto, Expresso do Sul, among others. The group transports nearly 100 million people per year! What's up, traveler? Did you like it? Now that you know all about Cometa Bus Company, how about finding the next bus schedules and planning your next trip? Brazil by Bus guarantees the best routes and a lot of security during the purchase. So, let's go? Search for a cool destination, pick the bus ticket that fits your pocket best and pack up your bags!

Operating Areas

A Cometa atua nos estados brasileiros:
Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Paraná

Cometa Bus Tickets

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