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Bus trip to Angra dos Reis

With an impressive view of the crystal clear water beaches and islands and a natural beauty that leaves any nature lover amazed, Angra dos Reis/RJ is a destination that captivates its visitors and deserves to be visited. Get ready, because Angra is addicting! <3 If you're planning to go there, choose to go by bus. The bus ride to the destination is comfortable and still allows you to enjoy privileged coastal landscapes. The main route is made by RJ-155 and the main companies that make the route are: Costa Verde, Reunidas, and Útil.

Arriving in Angra dos Reis

When traveling to Angra dos Reis/RJ by bus, you disembark at Vereador Nilton Barboza Bus Terminal, located 26 minutes from downtown. The bus station is open 24/7 and it receives about 30 thousand travelers per month. When you get there you have access to a food court, shopping areas with some convenience stores and luggage storage. In addition, there are also travel agencies on the bus station that make boat trips to the islands of Angra dos Reis, diving and schooner tours, that means you can already ensure your whole trip. Cool, right? ;)

Meet the destination

Considered as one of the most beautiful of the southern coast of Rio de Janeiro, we can say that Angra dos Reis was truly blessed by God. This is one of those destinations to fall in love with and never want to leave. <3 With 365 islands surrounding this paradise, the main attractions are at sea. One of the most famous tours of this destination is the schooner ride. Along the way are contemplated several islands, such as: Cataguás Island, Blue Lagoon Diving, Araçá Beach and Japariz Beach. As for the beaches that are part of the coast, they also draw a lot of attention from visitors. Usually they are located far from downtown, such as the beach of Biscay, where in addition to crystal clear waters, in the late afternoon has a beautiful sunset. For those who want a ride through the city, you can check out the historic center. Being one of the oldest cities in Brazil, Angra has a very welcoming colonial architecture. You might want to know that at night many people go to the bars, pizzerias and snack bars located on site. This charming place is worth checking out. Are you going to Angra dos Reis? Make the most of your trip and save money by buying your bus tickets online at Brazil by Bus!

Main bus companies operating in the city

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Leaving from

Angra dos Reis - RJ to Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Angra dos Reis - RJ to Nova Iguaçu - RJ

Angra dos Reis - RJ to São Paulo - SP

Angra dos Reis - RJ to Niterói - RJ

Angra dos Reis - RJ to Belo Horizonte - MG

Angra dos Reis - RJ to Itaguaí - RJ

Arriving in

Rio de Janeiro - RJ to Angra dos Reis - RJ

Nova Iguaçu - RJ to Angra dos Reis - RJ

São Paulo - SP to Angra dos Reis - RJ

Niterói - RJ to Angra dos Reis - RJ

Belo Horizonte - MG to Angra dos Reis - RJ

Rio de Janeiro - RJ to Angra dos Reis - RJ

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