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Bus trip to Aracajú

Traveling by bus to Aracaju/SE is a great option! Considering that the trip is cheaper and that the arrival is in the city center, the convenience for the passenger to settle in the region is much greater and we can not stop talking about the natural landscapes that you can glimpse on the way! <3 The tip is: if your route is too long, make sure you take your headphones to enjoy the trip and choose a flatbed or semi-flatbed bus! Brazil by Bus helps you find the buses that meet your needs without leaving your home! :)

Arriving in Aracajú

When you arrive at Aracaju Bus Station, you are already very well received, mainly because the city is very well organized and everyone is willing to welcome you. <3 The terminal, which is in the center of the city, has a great structure and can meet almost all of your needs after the disembarkation. You can find ATMs, restaurants, luggage storage and more! In addition, the bus station provides an accessible service for all people who have difficulty walking! :)

Meet the destination

Known as the northeastern capital of quality of life, Aracaju/SE stands out when it comes to hospitality, social equality, cost of living and infrastructure. Unlike other northeastern regions, the capital of Sergipe is not famous for its beaches, but that does not mean that the city is not wonderful! <3 One of the most popular destinations in Aracaju/SE is Crôa do Goré, a sandbar formed in the middle of the river due to the ebb tide. The ride to the site departs from Mosqueiro Beach and you are taken by catamaran for about 40 minutes to the river. If you want to continue the tour, the catamaran can take you to Valentine's Island (Ilha dos Namorados in Portuguese), located between the Vaza Barris River and the Atlantic Ocean - the island is one of the main attractions of Aracaju/SE. What catches the eye of the place, besides its organization and readiness to receive tourists, is the natural pool formed in the center of the island, which is perfect to take the children to play! <3 If you want to enjoy your holidays in a well-organized, sunny and welcoming city, you can not miss Aracaju/SE. Brazil by Bus helps you find the best bus ticket at the best price without leaving your home! ;)

Main bus companies operating in the city

Main bus tickets

Leaving from

Aracaju - SE to Patos de Minas - MG

Aracaju - SE to Maceió - AL

Aracaju - SE to Salvador - BA

Aracaju - SE to Recife - PE

Aracaju - SE to Paulo Afonso - BA

Aracaju - SE to Arapiraca - AL

Arriving in

Campina Grande - PB to Aracaju - SE

Salinas - MG to Aracaju - SE

Frutal - MG to Aracaju - SE

Itaobim - MG to Aracaju - SE

Coronel Fabriciano - MG to Aracaju - SE

Maceió - AL to Aracaju - SE

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