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Bus trip to Arraial do Cabo

Known as “Brazilian Caribbean”, Arraial do Cabo/RJ is a true paradise with a natural beauty that delights everyone. The city in the state of Rio de Janeiro has trails for those who enjoy adventure, boat trips for those who want to admire even more all the nature and beautiful beaches. :) Located 165 km away from the city of Rio de Janeiro, it's a destination visited by thousands of tourists from all over, and the most practical way to get there is taking a bus from nearby states. The route is super smooth and comfortable, and it's full of beautiful landscapes. The route is made by the bus company 1001 and can take about 3h, depending on where you departure from.

Arriving in Arraial do Cabo

When arriving in Arraial do Cabo/RJ you can already see the charm of the small fishing village of the city. The disembarkation is made at the Fernando Barros Pessoa bus station, which is very close to Castelo Branco square, downtown. Because it is located in the center of Arraial, the bus station does not offer shops and snack places, but from there you can find everything you need, there are restaurants around and there is even a supermarket right in front of it. In the streets surrounding the terminal, you will also find a taxi stand if you need to use this service.

Meet the destination

Arraial do Cabo/RJ is an incredible destination that invites you to get to know all its natural charm. The city has 8 beaches of crystal clear water, more than 200 diving points and a very rich marine life, which is why it is apple of the eye of the region. Deciding whether to lie on the sand and drink coconut water in front of the blue sea or hike to further explore the natural beauty of this Brazilian Caribbean will be your major concern there. ;) How about starting by the boat trip and seize the opportunity to dive? The best way to dive is taking the boat trips; it might be better to take the longer ones, as they last about 4 hours and stop at Praia do Forno and Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia. Even if you intend to dive, the ride is worth it so you can see nature in a deeper way, which is simply enchanting. By taking the boat, you also visit Ilha do Farol, a beach that astonishes every visitor with its crystal-clear blue water and all the beauty that surrounds it. It is in a marine protection area and therefore its access is limited to 50 min per vessel. That's not all, during the tour you pass by Gruta Azul, where you see beautiful cliffs and, if you're lucky, even dolphins and orca whales. The whole route is beautiful, full of surprises! <3 To round the day in Arraial off, the best idea is to go to and enjoy the sunset at Pontal do Atalaia viewpoint or at Praia Grande. Get ready to take lots of pics, because the view is amazing. Are you going to the paradise of Arraial do Cabo/RJ? Check Brazil By Bus for the best routes and anticipate your tickets online!

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Leaving from

Arraial do Cabo - RJ to Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Arraial do Cabo - RJ to Niterói - RJ

Arraial do Cabo - RJ to Itaboraí - RJ

Arraial do Cabo - RJ to Macaé - RJ

Arraial do Cabo - RJ to Campos dos Goytacazes - RJ

Arraial do Cabo - RJ to Campos dos Goytacazes - RJ

Arriving in

Rio de Janeiro - RJ to Arraial do Cabo - RJ

Niterói - RJ to Arraial do Cabo - RJ

Itaboraí - RJ to Arraial do Cabo - RJ

Macaé - RJ to Arraial do Cabo - RJ

Campos dos Goytacazes - RJ to Arraial do Cabo - RJ

Campos dos Goytacazes - RJ to Arraial do Cabo - RJ

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