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Bus trip to Blumenau

How about learning a little about German culture without leaving Brazil? Blumenau/SC is a city that holds many Germanic traditions, having as its main attraction Oktoberfest, a party that brings together music, dance and German cuisine. Traveling by bus to Blumenau/SC is super quiet, as there are many route options leaving especially from the nearest cities. Among the most popular routes are the routes that include the cities of Florianópolis/SC, Curitiba/PR and São Paulo/SP. These and other cities are served by the bus companies Eucatur, Gadotti, Pluma, Reunidas, União and Via Sul. There are so many options! :)

Arriving in Blumenau

The Blumenau bus station is located in the northern region of the city of Santa Catarina, near Ponte do Tamarindo and Via Expressa. Thus, your trip to the various regions of the city, major highways and routes becomes easy and fast. Arriving at the place you have at your disposal: snack bar, 24/7 taxis and other services very close to the bus station. It's also possible to take buses that circulate in the city and you can check all their schedules and routes through an app. Easy to get there by bus, isn't it ?!

Meet the destination

Are you curious about Germany? Then, Blumenau/SC can introduce you to attractions and architecture that involve the striking influence of Germanic culture, as it is known as the "Brazilian Germany". Blumenau/SC is a destination rich in leisure options; that includes museums, festivals and hikings for those who like adventures and natural beauty surrounded by the whole city. Very famous for its European roots, the Santa Catarina's city attracts many tourists, especially in the festive periods. Among them, Oktoberfest is a big magnet for beer lovers. If you are one of them, be sure to check dates and schedules. Another major attraction of the city is the Spitzkopf Lookout (Mirante Spitzokpf), it's a 7 km walk for an incredible view! The hill is part of the Serra do Itajaí National Park, which also extends to other cities in the region. Finally, don't miss Stammtisch, the Blumenau Museum and Castelinho da XV, you won't regret it. :) Are you going to visit Blumenau? Check the best bus routes and prices on Brazil by Bus!

Main bus companies operating in the city

Main bus tickets

Leaving from

Blumenau - SC to Curitiba - PR

Blumenau - SC to São Paulo - SP

Blumenau - SC to Florianópolis - SC

Blumenau - SC to Balneário Camboriú - SC

Blumenau - SC to Porto Alegre - RS

Blumenau - SC to Rio do Sul - SC

Arriving in

Curitiba - PR to Blumenau - SC

São Paulo - SP to Blumenau - SC

Florianópolis - SC to Blumenau - SC

Caxias do Sul - RS to Blumenau - SC

Porto Alegre - RS to Blumenau - SC

Balneário Camboriú - SC to Blumenau - SC

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