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Bus trip to Boa Vista

Traveling by bus to Boa Vista/RR is quite an adventure! The trip to the city is usually made by a stretch of the highway BR-174, known for being surrounded by incredible forests. Departuring from Manaus, it's 805 km to the destination, and for 122 km the highway goes through the Waimiri-Atroari indigenous territory, which is inhabited by a people who maintain their traditions and roots to this day! Because of this, it's only allowed to pass through this stretch from 6am to 6pm and the possibility of seeing birds and animals typical of the region is huge, just keep your eyes on the road and you'll surely see some! :)

Arriving in Boa Vista

Arriving in Boa Vista/RR, Baton - José Amador de Oliveira International Bus Station welcomes travelers. It's responsible for linking the city to others in the state of Roraima, the Amazon and even Guyana and Venezuela! The main bus companies that serve the city are Asatur Turismo, Amatur, Garcia and Eucatur. Close to the terminal there are several prominent hotels and restaurants, as the site is very well located in the city.

Meet the destination

You cannot deny the beauty of Boa Vista/RR. The planned city is inspired by the streets and avenues of Paris and it's known for its impeccable organization, bright lights and cleanliness! It's almost impossible to get lost there, as the Roraima capital is fan-shaped and all the streets come together at Civic Center Joaquim Nabuco Square, the main point of the city, where the most famous attractions are: restaurants, business and administrative centers. If you are going to the Princess of the North (Princesa do Norte in Portuguese), as it's known, be sure to walk along the Orla Taumanan, situated on the edge of the White River, relax in the Water Park, which has many colorful fountains and enjoy the beautiful freshwater beaches of the region. . The best months to visit the city are between October and March, during the dry months in the region, as the Rio Branco decreases and several beaches appear throughout its length. Come see this amazing destination that Northern Brazil has to offer! Here at Brazil by Bus you can buy your ticket, search schedules and prices and organize your trip as easily as possible.

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Leaving from

Boa Vista para Manaus

Boa Vista para Pacaraima

Boa Vista para Rorainópolis

Boa Vista para Caroebe

Boa Vista para São João da Baliza

Boa Vista para São Luiz

Arriving in

Manaus para Boa Vista

Pacaraima para Boa Vista

Rorainópolis para Boa Vista

Caracaraí para Boa Vista

Mucajaí para Boa Vista

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