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Bus trip to Brasília

Traveling by bus to Brasília/DF is the most economical and advantageous option to travel to the heart of Brazil. The roads that reach the capital of the country connects with several Brazilian cities, is in good conditions of use and it's constant monitored by the police. Between the kilometers traveled, you will cross medium and large cities, beautiful valleys, streams and enjoy the landscapes of the cerrado as you enter the Goiás region. All seen from the bus window. Is there anything better? The city has only one Interstate Bus Station, so it's even easier to plan your trip. To find bus tickets for Brasilia at the best price, check Brazil by Bus! :)

Arriving in Brasília

When arriving in Brasilia/DF get ready to be amazed by the beautiful landscapes of a fully planned city. At first glance, realizing that it is divided between Axis and North and South Wing (Eixos, Asa Norte e Asa Sul) can be a little weird. But nothing that a good GPS or map can't make do. ;) Are you the type of person who likes to combine business with pleasure on your bus trip? So you need to know that right next to the Brasília/DF Interstate Bus Station is one of the largest malls in the city, Park Shopping Brasília, and a subway station. You're already feeling like going, aren't you? :P Practically on the extreme South Wing, Brasília Bus Station stands new and modern, and offers all the convenience a traveler may need. In it you will find restrooms, ATMs, a pharmacy, snack bars, a bookstore, car rental and even a jewelry store.

Meet the destination

Can you imagine what a fully proportional and symmetrical city would look like? You can find this out by taking a bus to Brasília/DF! The federal capital of Brazil, inaugurated in 1960 by then-president Juscelino Kubitschek, was designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer and urban planner Lúcio Costa. Considered a UNESCO World Heritage site, it has an irresistible charm that can be seen in a tour to the Monumental Axis (Eixo Monumental). This is where the main sights of Brasilia are: Three Powers Square, Itamaraty Palace, Metropolitan Cathedral and JK Memorial. Want a different option to explore the best of the federal capital? Then rent a shared bike from the +BIKE project. There are 48 smart stations full of them in different parts of the city. At nightfall, the tip is to enjoy the sunset on the edge of Lake Paranoá. The artificial lake was created to bring more moisture to Brasilia and has artificial beaches, pubs and restaurants in its surroundings. Are you planning to travel to Brasilia, but still don't know when to go? Search the value of the bus ticket at Brazil by Bus! It is simple and fast. ;)

Main bus companies operating in the city

Main bus tickets

Leaving from

Brasília - DF to Brejo Santo - CE

Brasília - DF to Rio Claro - SP

Brasília - DF to Ribas do Rio Pardo - MS

Brasília - DF to Itaituba - PA

Brasília - DF to Porto Seguro - BA

Brasília - DF to São Carlos - SP

Arriving in

Itapetinga - BA to Brasília - DF

Santana - BA to Brasília - DF

Wagner - BA to Brasília - DF

Rio Claro - SP to Brasília - DF

Itaueira - PI to Brasília - DF

São Raimundo Nonato - PI to Brasília - DF

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