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Bus trip to Campo Grande

Traveling by bus to Campo Grande/MS is a great choice! Unlike the airport, the bus station is in the central part of the city, and you already disembark near the main places of your destination! <3 The main route to reach the capital is via BR-262, the highway cuts practically the entire southeast region of Brazil and ends at the border with Bolivia. Besides having the comfort of being left downtown, you can visit several Brazilian cities along the way! Did you like that? Brazil by Bus helps you choose the best day and time for your bus trip to Campo Grande/MS to be as good as possible. <3

Arriving in Campo Grande

Known as Senador Antônio Mendes Canale bus station, the Campo Grande/MS bus terminal was designed to meet the needs of all who disembark at the site. In addition to being designed to accommodate people with limited mobility, the bus station also offers phones for the visually and hearing impaired! <3 The terminal is open 24/7 and has ATMs from the main banks, lockers, toilets and a very complete commercial area, ranging from newsstands to snack bars. ;)

Meet the destination

Have you ever thought about visiting one of the best cities in Brazil? Campo Grande/MS is considered the 28th city with the best infrastructure in the country and still does not lose that wonderful air of countryside! <3 Popularly referred to as the “Morena City” due to its tropical climate and reddish soil, the city offers plenty of greenery that allows tourists to enjoy the sunset in its most natural form. Campo Grande/MS has a large rural area and much of it is open for tourism, as is the case of Estancias Alegria and Hanay. If you're one of those who like to smell the woods, wake up to the birdsong and still eat a well-seasoned home-cooked food, this city is for you! <3 The southern capital of Mato Grosso also has a beer route for those who like to venture into the world of barley. The route goes through about 6 breweries and you can taste the flavors of the region in each location. The tip is: be sure to try the manioc (mandioca, in portuguese) beers, baru nuts and yerba mate, specialties of the region that you probably can't find anywhere else! ;)

Main bus companies operating in the city

Main bus tickets

Leaving from

Campo Grande - MS to Rio Verde de Mato Grosso - MS

Campo Grande - MS to São Gabriel do Oeste - MS

Campo Grande - MS to Rio Caracol - MS

Campo Grande - MS to Cristalina - GO

Campo Grande - MS to Sonora - MS

Campo Grande - MS to Piumhi - MG

Arriving in

Porto Alegre do Norte - MT to Campo Grande - MS

Sonora - MS to Campo Grande - MS

Chopinzinho - PR to Campo Grande - MS

Garuva - SC to Campo Grande - MS

Ribeirão Cascalheira - MT to Campo Grande - MS

São Gabriel do Oeste - MS to Campo Grande - MS

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