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Bus trip to Cuiabá

Are you going to travel to Cuiabá/MT? Take the bus to enjoy the route. The path to the city is extremely interesting. Of course you should prepare a few bottles of cold water and light clothing, because you will realize that the heat there is intense! Love the heat? So this city is perfect for you. Go by bus to admire all the green that the landscape provides. There are currently 22 bus companies that travel the route and take you to the city. Choose your route from Brazil by Bus and enjoy the best of Cuiabá!

Arriving in Cuiabá

When you disembark at Cuiabá/MT by bus, you notice that the Engenheiro Cássio Veiga de Sá bus station is very large, has 3 floors and has a taxi service, 24/7 ATM, lan house and even a beauty parlor. Also, right at the bus station you can take a break to check the walls that surround it and are painted with regional symbols and expressions, do not forget the selfie! :) In Cuiabá/MT, you will find excellent restaurants, as well as several beauties and urban styles. A variety of menus are available in the city, blending regional culture with French ingredients.

Meet the destination

If you want to visit every bit of the city of Cuiabá/MT, you need to walk around the Historic Center and admire all its architecture. It represents the colonial houses. If you want you can also go to the churches. The Nossa Senhora do Bom Despacho Church is a reference that cannot be missed in your itinerary. It's located high on a hill, with a style similar to Notre Dame Cathedral (Paris). In addition, near the churches, you will find the Museum of Sacred Art, which offers a number of items from past centuries. The Bom Jesus de Cuiabá Cathedral, for example, inspires just by its design and towers that feature large clocks, making it a beautiful tourist spot. But if you want to stroll through the parks, head over to Mother Bonifácia. This is the largest urban park in Cuiabá, mainly because 90% of its area is occupied by native forest. And it doens't stops here! Walk around every corner of the city and you will surely find enchanting beauties, blended with the culture of the region;) Get on board now, getting tickets to Cuiabá on Brazil by Bus and enjoy the best of your trip!

Main bus companies operating in the city

Main bus tickets

Leaving from

Cuiabá - MT to Vitória - ES

Cuiabá - MT to Sarandi - RS

Cuiabá - MT to Florianópolis - SC

Cuiabá - MT to Laranjeiras do Sul - PR

Cuiabá - MT to Terra Roxa - PR

Cuiabá - MT to São Félix do Araguaia - MT

Arriving in

Vila Rica - MT to Cuiabá - MT

Presidente Venceslau - SP to Cuiabá - MT

Palmitos - SC to Cuiabá - MT

Vitória - ES to Cuiabá - MT

Sarandi - RS to Cuiabá - MT

São Vicente - MT to Cuiabá - MT

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