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Bus trip to Curitiba

Are you going to visit Curitiba/PR? The trip by bus can offer beautiful landscapes. No matter where you are starting from, BR-116 provides well-paved highways and a wide range of options for easy traveling. Curitiba - Paraná has green areas and excellent public transport, it's a route of great beauty. Traveling by bus makes the arrival in the city even more enjoyable. It's a tourism environment with a high standard of living for those who live there. It's one of the best equipped cities to embrace tourists and visitors. <3

Arriving in Curitiba

When you arrive in Curitiba/PR, finding yourself is super easy, since the bus station is located in the same building as the city's railway. From there tourist train lines leave for the city of Paranaguá. With this tour you can visit cities like Marumbi and Morretes. From the bus terminal there are also the URBS lines (Urbanization of Curitiba buses) and public transport lines, with easy access and in front of the entrance / exit of the establishment. You also have a number of commuting options, such as standby taxis within the bus station and many alternatives from nearby malls and snack bars.

Meet the destination

Want to visit Curitiba/PR? Be sure to check out the many parks full of green areas and natural beauty. They are easily accessible and usually located near museums. In addition, among the main districts of the city, you can taste typical foods of various cultures present in the capital of Paraná. You can tour the whole city with the tour bus, bike or other means of transportation! There are also amazing pubs and places with lots of music and culture. The city has excellent attractions that every visitor and curitibano - as the locals are called - should not miss. Italians, Portuguese, Dutch, Germans, all these and many more nationalities can be found in the city, in restaurants and various interesting production and arts spots. If you want to visit Curitiba by bus, check out the main routes to make sure you enjoy every bit of this capital. Will Curitiba be your next destination? Then check out Brazil by Bus for the best tour tips and the best bus ticket prices!

Main bus companies operating in the city

Main bus tickets

Leaving from

Curitiba - PR to Xambrê - PR

Curitiba - PR to Cascavel - PR

Curitiba - PR to Dois Vizinhos - PR

Curitiba - PR to Alto Paraíso - PR

Curitiba - PR to Fazenda Rio Grande - PR

Curitiba - PR to Quitandinha - PR

Arriving in

Santiago - RS to Curitiba - PR

Xambrê - PR to Curitiba - PR

Doutor Ulysses - PR to Curitiba - PR

Mandirituba - PR to Curitiba - PR

Estrela - RS to Curitiba - PR

Argentina - AR to Curitiba - PR

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