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Bus trip to Florianópolis

Bus trips to Florianópolis/SC tend to be long. From Curitiba it takes 4h45; from Porto Alegre it's about 6h15; everything will depend on which city you are :) It is possible to enjoy the route. All you have to do is prepare yourself! Keep a neck pillow handy, an interesting book and don't forget the headphones! And if you think the trip is going to be boring, you are wrong! With beautiful views and magnificent vegetation, time goes by quickly, and just a glance at the beaches of Floripa will make you fall in love with the city. <3

Arriving in Florianópolis

When you disembark in the capital of Santa Catarina you will find yourself very well located, close to hotels, main municipal bus lines, delicious restaurants and one of the hippest nightclubs in the region. Not to mention that Hercílio Luz bridge ( in Portuguese), Florianópolis Public Market (Mercado Publico in Portuguese) and several beaches are less than 10 minutes' drive away. The terminal also has all the necessary infrastructure for a smooth and fast trip with 24/7 services prepared to assist and please all 8 thousand passengers that circulate the place daily.

Meet the destination

Competing for the most visited destinations by Brazilians and foreigners, Florianópolis/SC is one of the cities that has most drawn attention and delighted tourists in recent times, and rightly so! The main attraction are the beaches, doubt there. Like to ride a wave? Go east, surfing and flirting are trends there. Prefer calmer waters? Head to the southern beaches. Up north are the hippest and most luxurious areas with the calm of the sea and the bustle of the constant parties. The cuisine catches the eye too, with incredible dishes from the most affordable to haute cuisine, with special attention to oysters, the most popular produce in the state. If you are adventurous, Floripa is for you too! Wth countless trails that end up on almost unexplored paradisiacal beaches and extreme sports on and off the water, such as windsurfing and sandboarding. Board with us to this amazing destination! At Brazil by Bus you can find your ticket simply, quickly and safely.

Main bus companies operating in the city

Main bus tickets

Leaving from

Florianópolis - SC to Santiago - RS

Florianópolis - SC to Resende - RJ

Florianópolis - SC to Esteio - RS

Florianópolis - SC to Realeza - PR

Florianópolis - SC to Dourados - MS

Florianópolis - SC to Rio Brilhante - MS

Arriving in

Estrela - RS to Florianópolis - SC

Caarapó - MS to Florianópolis - SC

Jesuítas - PR to Florianópolis - SC

Capitão Leônidas Marques - PR to Florianópolis - SC

Novo Hamburgo - RS to Florianópolis - SC

Buenos Aires - ARG to Florianópolis - SC

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