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Bus trip to Fortaleza

'If you are one of those environmentally conscious people, travelling by bus should be on your priority list, right? Buses emit less pollutants than airplanes and, taking into account that it can carry several passengers, unlike cars, reduces traffic. Are you thinking of traveling by bus to Fortaleza/CE? Separate your suitcase and sunglasses, prepare a perfect playlist to admire the landscapes on your way there and come with us. Brazil by Bus will help you find the best routes for your trip to be as comfortable as possible! <3

Known as Engenheiro João Thomé Bus Station, Fortaleza/CE bus terminal has been recently renovated to meet all the needs of those who disembark at the site! <3 Located near Iracema Beach, the bus station has a modernized structure and it was designed to be as accessible as possible. It also has 24h parking, restaurants, ATMs from major banks and toilets. Should you disembark there with any questions, the service desk will be ready to assist you! :)

Meet the destination

Who never thought of visiting the lush beaches of the capital of Ceará? Known for being one of the most popular places to spend the holidays, Fortaleza/CE is full of sun and party! As much as the city receives many tourists, it has never lost its origins and it's possible to live the experience of Ceará all over the city. And is there a better way to feel part of the region than trying the typical cuisine? Fortaleza/CE has restaurants for all tastes and, being a coastal city, its cuisine is very focused on seafood. But if you don't like the taste of the sea, do not worry! The capital has a varied menu! <3 With 25 km of waterfront, Fortaleza/CE has a wide range of beaches for you to visit. The coast of Ceará can be divided between urban, east and west. The best known beaches in the urban area are Meireles Beach and Iracema Beach, great for those who need a break from the chaos of the city and want to relax. On the east coast you can enjoy Fontes Beach and Porto das Dunas, which are in quieter places and away from the city. :)

Main bus companies operating in the city

Main bus tickets

Leaving from

Fortaleza - CE to Afrânio - PE

Fortaleza - CE to Natal - RN

Fortaleza - CE to Sobral - CE

Fortaleza - CE to Recife - PE

Fortaleza - CE to Teresina - PI

Fortaleza - CE to Juazeiro do Norte - CE

Arriving in

Floriano - PI to Fortaleza - CE

Natal - RN to Fortaleza - CE

Sobral - CE to Fortaleza - CE

Recife - PE to Fortaleza - CE

Teresina - PI to Fortaleza - CE

Juazeiro do Norte - CE to Fortaleza - CE

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