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Bus trip to Goiânia

If your intention is to travel by bus to Goiânia/GO, get ready for a unique experience and a lot of satisfaction. This is because the city, which is 211 km from the capital of the country, has numerous beautiful and pleasant parks, always bursting with families and the youth, hiking. The bus ride is smooth, as the buses offer comfort and safety, and the road has landscapes that make this route extremely remarkable. Just prepare your headphones or a book to make the most of your time on the road. A destination that guarantees routes full of pleasant surprises deserves to be highlighted! ;)

Arriving in Goiânia

The Goiânia bus station is considered one of the largest bus terminals in the Midwest of the country and the largest in the state of Goiás. When arriving in the city it's possible to go shopping at Araguaia Mall, which is very close to the bus terminal. To start the tour in Goiânia/GO, the perfect scenario is to disembark near the Civic Square. It's the first square of the city, considered a landmark from the early times of the city. Further along, you have the option of visiting the Emerald Palace. Also, in this same square, you will find several beautiful items, such as the Pedro Ludovico Palace and the Zoroastro Artiaga Museum.

Meet the destination

If you are going to Goiânia/GO, you should know that there is a mix of culture and cuisine that put together flavors from indigenous people and from Sao Paulo, the outcome being strongly striking and delicious. Known as the land of the sertanejo - brazilian country-like stile - Goiânia will provide tons of music and places to enjoy this musical style. Are you in town and want to try new things? Stop by the exquisite restaurants of the central region and taste pequi - a local fruit, used in a typical local dish called Galinhada (which mixes chicken and rice, in a very special way). Have you had lunch? Then taste the delicious liqueur prepared with the same fruit. Don't stop yet: you can visit the Rose Lake, the Buritis Forest, the Zoroastro Artiaga Museum, the green parks. And if you thought the attractions were over, you were very wrong! Among the city's main parks, Flamboyant and Vaca Brava guarantee a lot of peace and fun for the weekends of those who live there or are simply walking by. What are you waiting to visit this city full of surprises? At Brazil by Bus you'll find tips on routes and bus tickets to Goiânia.

Main bus companies operating in the city

Main bus tickets

Leaving from

Goiânia - GO to Santana do Araguaia - PA

Goiânia - GO to Campinápolis - MT

Goiânia - GO to Ribas do Rio Pardo - MS

Goiânia - GO to Caseara - TO

Goiânia - GO to Trairão - PA

Goiânia - GO to Brasília - DF

Arriving in

Monte Carmelo - MG to Goiânia - GO

Bela Vista de Goiás - GO to Goiânia - GO

Itapetinga - BA to Goiânia - GO

Brasília - DF to Goiânia - GO

São Paulo - SP to Goiânia - GO

Belo Horizonte - MG to Goiânia - GO

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