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Bus trip to Lençóis

Lençóis/BA is a perfect destination for those who love ecotourism. It's very popular because it is the gateway to Chapada Diamantina/BA, a paradise that only this city allows you to discover. How about visiting Lençóis/BA and going by bus to explore even more every bit of the destination? The best way to get to Lençóis is from Salvador. The journey is made by Real Expresso and takes about 7 hours. You find 4 different and well distributed times to arrive at the destination. Secure your ticket here at Brazil by Bus!

Arriving in Lençóis

When arriving in Lençóis/BA you are welcomed by a beautiful image of the Lençóis River, as the bus passes in front of it to reach the Lençóis Bus Terminal, located in the city center. The bus station is simple and small, but there are some basic services such as snack bars, luggage storage and a parking lot. Being in a central area, when you arrive you already have access to most hotels, which are very close to the terminal, within walking distance.

Meet the destination

Lovely and charming: these are two striking features of Lençóis/BA and that is why it delights its visitors so much. Right in the center of the city you can already see its cobbled streets and establishments built in 19th century mansions. However, there are good options for restaurants, bars and attractions for sightseeing. The night is bustling and the city is even more beautiful as the surrounding lights give a special touch to its historic architecture. To start the tour you can visit the Serrano Municipal Park. The park has small natural pools that form on the Lençóis River, in addition to the Colored Sand Salon (Salao de Areias Coloridas), Cachoeirinha, Primavera Waterfall, Halley Well (Poço Halley) and a beautiful gazebo. Ideally have with a guide you, word? The main activity of this destination is undoubtedly Chapada Diamantina, as the city is the gateway to this paradise. At Chapada you can visit the wonderful canyons, waterfalls and lakes of crystal clear water. Be sure to go to Pai Inácio Hill, where you can enjoy the fantastic landscape of Monte do Camelo, Morrão and the Three Brothers. Are you visiting this amazing destination? So, get your tickets online on Brazil by Bus for a smooth ride!

Main bus companies operating in the city

Main bus tickets

Leaving from

Lençóis - BA to Bonito - BA

Lençóis - BA to Utinga - BA

Lençóis - BA to Salvador - BA

Lençóis - BA to Feira de Santana - BA

Lençóis - BA to Palmeiras - BA

Lençóis - BA to Seabra - BA

Arriving in

Wagner - BA to Lençóis - BA

Utinga - BA to Lençóis - BA

Tanquinho - BA to Lençóis - BA

Salvador - BA to Lençóis - BA

Feira de Santana - BA to Lençóis - BA

Seabra - BA to Lençóis - BA

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