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Bus trip to Londrina

Do you want to travel to Londrina/PR and still don't know if it is worth facing several hours by bus to the destination? We are here to convince you that yes: you will be surprised. <3 The road to the city is very well signposted, besides being relaxing due to its the beautiful scenarios. For those coming from the capital, Curitiba/PR, 389 km from Londrina, the trip gets an even more special touch when passing through the Serra do Cadeado. It lies between the municipalities of Mauá da Serra and Ortigueira and it's surrounded by imposing Brazilian pines (Araucarias in Portuguese) and plains. The Londrina bus station has even won a best bus station award in 2003, still being considered the most beautiful in Brazil to this day! <3 Want help looking for your ticket? Access the bus schedules and itineraries available on Brazil by Bus, wherever you are!

Arriving in Londrina

Prepare your nerves to get to the most beautiful bus station in Brazil with a hot entrance: by bus! ;) The hospitality of the locals is such that the closest roundabout has a monument built by the artist Henrique Aragão in honor of the visitors to the city. The José Garcia Villar Bus Terminal was designed by none other than the legendary architect Oscar Niemeyer. With a super modern structure and over 57,000 m² of useful area, it has a beautiful garden and all the convenience you need. It offers restrooms, ATMs, luggage storage, a variety of shops and taxi stands. Not to mention the location is also privileged: it's very close to Boulevard Londrina Shopping, two supermarkets and the Londrina Camelodrome.

Meet the destination

Can you picture a populous city that is incredibly charming at the same time? You just pictured Londrina/PR. Does it sound a bit like London? The similarity between the names is no coincidence: the city of Paraná was built under the influence of an English company that called it Little London. They found the fog of the region similar to that of London at dawn. Walking on the boardwalk in Londrina, between shops of all kinds, you can see even replicas of the famous telephone booths of the European city. Not to mention the similarities of the old buildings, such as the Padre Carlos Weiss Historical Museum, which is just 3.5 km from the bus station. Cool huh? :) Considered the third largest city in the south, Curitiba/PR and Porto Alegre/RS being the two largest, Londrina has agribusiness as the base of the local economy. But it also stands out for its research centers and universities, as well as unmissable sights. One of them is the Londrina Botanical Garden, a beautiful and quiet place, perfect for a picnic or a simple walk. Do you want another? Governador Ney Braga Exhibition Park, stage of concerts and major events, such as the Londrina Agricultural and Agroindustrial Exhibition, which always takes place in April, one of the most important exhibitions in the country. Are you planning visiting the destination by bus? Search your ticket for Londrina on Brazil by Bus to find all available timetables and routes!

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Leaving from

Londrina - PR to Ipatinga - MG

Londrina - PR to Novo Hamburgo - RS

Londrina - PR to Salvador - BA

Londrina - PR to São Paulo - SP

Londrina - PR to Curitiba - PR

Londrina - PR to Maringá - PR

Arriving in

São Domingos - PR to Londrina - PR

Ipatinga - MG to Londrina - PR

Aparecida de Goiânia - GO to Londrina - PR

Teófilo Otoni - MG to Londrina - PR

São Paulo - SP to Londrina - PR

Curitiba - PR to Londrina - PR

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