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Bus trip to Maceió

The bus trip to Maceió/AL can be long; leaving from Recife the trip takes around 4 hours. The length of the journey will depend on which city you start from :) To enjoy a long trip in the best way, here are some tips! Prepare a neck pillow, a book that you like and don't forget the headphones. You are likely to want to come back, because there are so many amazing sights on the way. Time passes even faster;) Many prefer to go to the city by bus, either to save money or because the airport is away from the city and taxis charge very high prices, making travel planning very difficult.

Arriving in Maceió

Just glance at the waterfront of Maceió/AL to forget about any problem. When you arrive at the João Paulo II Bus Terminal, you will be in the city downtown, near the main municipal bus lines and a 12-minute drive from the coast. Very well located, the bus station is close to hotels, restaurants, and even a mall. Not to mention all the modern and well prepared infrastructure ready to welcome with excellence the travelers of the region.

Meet the destination

This destination is a place full of charms, it has a year-round summer climate, beautiful beaches, always friendly local people and delicious food. You can't resist it. <3 Capable of rivaling with Caribbean cities, Maceio's waterfront is among the most beautiful in the world! The most famous stretches are the beaches of Pajuçara, Ponta Verde and Jatiúca which have Cycle Path (ciclovia, in portuguese), boardwalk, tents and coral reefs protected by natural pools. If you are planning to go to this heavenly destination, it is worth remembering that because it's a coastline, some walks depend on the tide, so it is always worth checking before programming :) Local cuisine also catches the eye, with delicacies such as Sururu, a clam that is usually served with coconut milk, the Peixada (Fish Meal) and the famous Tapioca. If you'd like to enjoy the beach, visit natural beauties, discover new places full of culture and history and enjoy incredible food, the capital of Alagoas is the right destination for you! Buy your ticket now on Brazil by Bus, quickly and safely. :)

Main bus companies operating in the city

Main bus tickets

Leaving from

Maceió - AL to Campo Alegre - AL

Maceió - AL to Olímpia - SP

Maceió - AL to Barretos - SP

Maceió - AL to Recife - PE

Maceió - AL to Aracaju - SE

Maceió - AL to Salvador - BA

Arriving in

Peritoró - MA to Maceió - AL

Itaobim - MG to Maceió - AL

Patrocínio - MG to Maceió - AL

Salinas - MG to Maceió - AL

Itabuna - BA to Maceió - AL

Recife - PE to Maceió - AL

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