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Bus trip to Manaus

Do you want a destination that really amazes you? That's Manaus/AM! The city is very visited mainly for being the ground zero of several walks through the Amazon Forest. And traveling by bus there allows you to deeply get to know all the beauty of the city! The bus ride to Manaus/AM is made by highway BR-174, known as Manaus-Boa Vista. This is the best route to the destination, and you can enjoy the best of this route by bus, as it passes through several municipalities of the state of Roraima until you arrive in Manaus, featuring landscapes that impress. Enjoy and record beautiful images. ;)

Arriving in Manaus

When you arrive in Manaus/AM, you will arrive at the Manaus Bus Terminal, which is located in the South Center region of the city, the Flores neighborhood. This is an extremely safe neighborhood where you have access to taxis and public transportation to the entire city. Also in this region is the Arena da Amazônia, a stadium that hosted soccer matches at the 2014 World Cup. As for accommodation, right in the surroundings of the bus station you can find good hotels at affordable prices. If you are looking for shared experiences you can also stay in hostels.

Meet the destination

The city of Manaus/AM is full of various tourist attractions. In addition to beautiful museums, the city also has a unique cuisine with its dishes, such as Tacacá and Ribeira de Tambaqui. It's so good! Among the most must-see attractions in the city, some might said that the Municipal Market, full of typical foods, and the beautifully architecture Amazonas Theater are the ones that should certainly be in your itinerary. Finally, Manaus/AM is the gateway to the Amazon rainforest. If you want to experience nature and get to know the culture of villages that live there, you need to look for companies that do this kind of tour. All tours will be guided and are very worthwhile because they bring the tourist a little closer to the reality of the people who inhabit the forest, and guarantees you a very enriching experience. It's hard not to fall in love with this destination, isn't it ?! <3 If you are planning to visit Manaus by bus, check Brazil by Bus for the main routes and tickets to your destination!

Main bus tickets from Manaus-AM

Leaving from

Manaus para Boa Vista

Manaus para Itacoatiara

Manaus para Rorainópolis

Manaus para Porto Velho

Manaus para Caracaraí

Manaus para Mucajaí

Arriving in

Boa Vista para Manaus

Itacoatiara para Manaus

Porto Velho para Manaus

Rorainópolis para Manaus

Caracaraí para Manaus

Mucajaí para Manaus