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Bus trip to Maringá

Maringá, in the state of Paraná, enchants for being a calm, beautiful city full of options for you have a lot of fun. Among the traveling options to this city, the bus is the cheapest, and allows you to see the destination in a different way, discovering new scenarios, and therefore attracts a lot of passengers. Are you planning to travel to Maringa by bus? Get ahead and look for which companies serve your departure location. The most famous bus companies arriving at Maringá Bus Station are Garcia, Expresso Maringá, Catarinense, Expresso Nordeste and Eucatur. Choose your route and enjoy this lovely city. <3

Arriving in Maringá

When you arrive in Maringá, you will arrive at Maringá Bus Terminal, located in the Vila Morangueira region. The location is favorable for tourists, as they can visit the main points of the city. I'm sure you'll come to the conclusion that in the city is full of beautiful places to visit. ;) And what is the best area for you to stay? The prime region is downtown, as it has a large offer of hotels. In this central region is where the visitor can find not only a place to stay, but also attractions such as museums, bars and restaurants. Prices in the city are intermediate and may vary depending on the budget and the type of tip you prefer.

Meet the destination

The city of Maringá/PR has several incredible attractions for those visting this destination. Among them the visit to the Calil Haddad Theater is a must see, for it is one of the best theaters in the whole country. Before going there, be sure to check the schedule and visitation hours. If you are visiting this destination in warm weather, Ody Water Park is a great choice. The park has about 200,000 square meters of swimming pools and toys for the whole family. You just have to be aware of the location of the park: although the information is that it's part of the city of Maringa, its exact location is about 20 km from the city. And you can not leave Maringá/PR without tasting the best of its cuisine, right? Then, go to Mercadão de Maringá and enjoy lunch at one of the places available there. The city also offers the Feast of States and Nations, which features menus of foreign cuisine - such as Portugal, Italy, Germany and Japan. :) If you are planning to go to Maringa by bus, check out the best routes and ticket prices here, on Brazil by Bus!

Main bus companies operating in the city

Main bus tickets

Leaving from

Maringá - PR to Nova Alvorada do Sul - MS

Maringá - PR to Santana do Livramento - RS

Maringá - PR to Parapuã - SP

Maringá - PR to Iretama - PR

Maringá - PR to Salto de Itu - SP

Maringá - PR to Aragarças - GO

Arriving in

Faxinal - PR to Maringá - PR

Nova Alvorada do Sul - MS to Maringá - PR

Ipatinga - MG to Maringá - PR

Feira de Santana - BA to Maringá - PR

Rosana - SP to Maringá - PR

Itápolis - SP to Maringá - PR

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