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Bus trip to Natal

Travel by bus and enjoy the best of BR-304, the highway that leads to Natal/PR. The route can offer a unique and pleasant landscape. The route is full of trees and inspiring views. So, prepare that playlist to enjoy even more the landscapes you will find along the way;) The main bus companies to this destination are: Progresso, Guanabara and Itapemirim that make the journey from different Brazilian capitals. Choose the best route and go by bus to spend less and still enjoy the best of roads and views to your destination! ;)

Arriving in Natal

Disembarking in Natal/PR, the bus station has good structure and offers the main basic services that tourists need, such as snack bars, ATMs, taxi stands and secure parking. Natal has many attractions and activities for all tastes. Once you arrive, take the buggy ride. It takes you to the Genipabu region and may be the best activity for those who have limited time available. During the ride you'll find fun lagoons and dunes in shapes that allow you to slide down the sand. End your day in one of the night clubs or pubs that play a variety of music genres;)

Meet the destination

Want to visit the best of Natal/PR? Pass by the Ponta Negra water front and rest on the beach. How about trying Manary fishing or delicious dishes from the Camarões Potiguar restaurant? This is all part of this area and can please you very much! Afterwards, the tip is to venture the Dunes trails and taste the tapioca that Casa de Taipa makes with love! Among the many possibilities for sightseeing, go to Perobas or Maracajaú. It's possible to enjoy beautiful natural pools and extend the trip to visit the Reis Magos Fort. And if you want to make the tour even more interesting, take an ATV ride through the region of the Amarela, Licorice and Youth lagoons. You can go for many walks and trails through the wide and wild city environment. Check it all out and set aside at least a 5 day trip to get to know Natal completely. Don't forget to take a boat trip to admire the dolphins in the region! Make an unforgettable bus trip to Natal, get your ticket here at Brazil by Bus!

Main bus companies operating in the city

Main bus tickets

Leaving from

Natal - RN to Alvorada do Norte - GO

Natal - RN to Fortaleza - CE

Natal - RN to Recife - PE

Natal - RN to João Pessoa - PB

Natal - RN to Goiânia - GO

Natal - RN to Teresina - PI

Arriving in

Arapiraca - AL to Natal - RN

João Monlevade - MG to Natal - RN

Garanhuns - PE to Natal - RN

Alvorada do Norte - GO to Natal - RN

Luís Eduardo Magalhães - BA to Natal - RN

Fortaleza - CE to Natal - RN

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