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Bus trip to Ouro Preto

Traveling by bus to Ouro Preto/MG is the most chosen option among travelers, since there are no airports in the city nor its neighbors. If you are thinking of choosing this destination, do not worry at all because the experience is amazing! The route is usually made by the BR-040, a highway that has beautiful landscapes and mountain ranges. Enjoy the trip to marvel at beautiful horizons, catch up on your reading or just relax until you reach the incredible destination of Ouro Preto/MG. Here's a tip: Don't miss your chance to taste the wonders that Minas Gerais cuisine has to offer! Even on the stops throught the trip you can find a newly-made warm cheese bread or a delicious dulce de leche. :)

Arriving in Ouro Preto

Arriving at the destination, the Terminal Rodoviário 8 de Julho, as it is called the Ouro Preto Bus Station, already demonstrates the city's charm. The Terminal transmits an air of antiquity and is prepared to serve with excellence the travelers of the region. It has a simple but elegant infrastructure, with snack bar, ATMs and it's accessible to people with special needs and / or reduced mobility. Despite being well located and less than 5 minutes from famous points of the city, it is recommended to go from the bus station to your accommodation by taxi. This is because the city is famous for its hills and for about 15 reais it is possible to take the most common route: Bus Station - Tiradentes Square. Tiradentes Square is the main meeting point of the city and it's close to the main shops, hotels, inns and important sights of the region.

Meet the destination

Ouro Preto/MG is a trip back in time in brazilian history! One of the most historic important cities in the country, it owns one of the most preserved Baroque architectural ensembles in the world. The city has been declared as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity and one of the 7 brazilian wonders. <3 Certainly the greatest charm of the city is its colonial architecture. The churches are wonderful and deserve all the attention they receive, and among the tourists' favorites are: Igreja de São Francisco de Assis, one of the most important works of Aleijadinho and the Basílica Menor de Nossa Senhora do Pilar, considered one of the richest in Minas Gerais with all its gold-plated interior painting. But Ouro Preto/MG didn't earn its place among major tourist destinations in the country merely with churches. In addition to enjoying the beautiful Baroque works that are scattered throughout the city, the destination is full of eco-tours, such as trails through Itacolomi State Park and walks through Horto dos Contos Park. Travelers also recommend that - and much;) - steam locomotive tours and visits to local gold mines. Board with us to one of the most amazing destinations in the country! Buy your ticket now easily, quickly and safely with Brazil by Bus.

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Ouro Preto - MG to Ubá - MG

Ouro Preto - MG to Poços de Caldas - MG

Ouro Preto - MG to Vila Velha - ES

Ouro Preto - MG to Belo Horizonte - MG

Ouro Preto - MG to Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Ouro Preto - MG to São Paulo - SP

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Belo Horizonte - MG to Ouro Preto - MG

Rio de Janeiro - RJ to Ouro Preto - MG

São Paulo - SP to Ouro Preto - MG

Vitória - ES to Ouro Preto - MG

Itabirito - MG to Ouro Preto - MG

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