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Bus trip to Palmeiras

Arriving in Palmeiras

When you arrive at the destination you already feel the atmosphere of the countryside. Palmeiras Bus Station is simple and has a newsstand, taxi stand, bar, public telephone and bathroom, i.e. just the essentials. Being a small town everything is very close and cozy! Almost in front of the bus station is the Institute for Biodiversity Conservation, and the city's main street is just 400 meters from the embarkation and disembarkation site. Among the city's main establishments are the post office, banks, markets, hotels, restaurants and many squares to rest and relax in the late afternoon or read a book, all of which are near the bus station.

Meet the destination

Considered the latest planned city in Brazil, Palmas/TO is a relatively new city: it was inaugurated in 1989. Although it is mostly used as a gateway for those who want to enjoy the natural beauty of Jalapão, you also can find things to do in Palmas. Only 10 km from the bus station, you will see the second largest public square in the world: Sunflowers Square. Other sights that are worth a visit are: Cesamar Park, Araguaia Palace, Bosque Fair or venturing into nearby waterfalls such as the Monkey Slide (Escorrega Macaco in Portuguese), Evilson and Roncador. As it's hot all year round - temperatures are around 27ºC - another good option is to cool off at freshwater beaches. With infrastructure to receive tourists, Graciosa Beach, Prata Beach and Arnos Beach have tents with typical food and are in a dam that turned into a lake. If you choose Graciosa Beach, you'll still have the advantage of being able to take a boat trip to nearby Canela Island! Palmas is a destination little explored by tourists. Do you know the advantage of this? Few people, quiet beaches and affordable prices. Doesn't it deserve more than one night?! ;) To buy your ticket just consult the timetables and routes available on Brazil by Bus. You can schedule your entire tour before you even leave home.

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Leaving from

Palmeiras - BA to Salvador - BA

Palmeiras - BA to Feira de Santana - BA

Palmeiras - BA to Lençóis - BA

Palmeiras - BA to Itaberaba - BA

Palmeiras - BA to São Paulo - SP

Palmeiras - BA to Seabra - BA

Arriving in

Salvador - BA to Palmeiras - BA

Feira de Santana - BA to Palmeiras - BA

Seabra - BA to Palmeiras - BA

Lençóis - BA to Palmeiras - BA

Itaberaba - BA to Palmeiras - BA

São Paulo - SP to Palmeiras - BA