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Bus trip to Paraty

Traveling by bus to Paraty/RJ is delightful! The roads have such beautiful horizons that you don't even notice the time passing by. Almost halfway between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, the city is in an area known as Costa Verde and it's named after the abundant Atlantic Forest on the site, and has been named ninth on the list of must-see regions of the planet! Can you imagine how amazing the landscapes during the trip must be? Costa Verde and Reunidas Paulista bus companies are the main ones for this destination. And they have been in the market for over 40 years serving travelers from Brazil very well. :)

Arriving in Paraty

The Paraty/RJ Bus Station is simple, but has excellent service! You can count on ATMs, restrooms, restaurants and taxi stands. The terminal is fully prepared to cater for passengers with special needs, including ramps, special toilets, wheelchair availability and escort service until boarding. Close to the Historic Center, the Terminal is less than 10 minutes from several inns. And if you don't want to go on foot, there are always taxi drivers ready to drive you on your way, but be aware that most of them charge a flat fee for the ride.

Meet the destination

Paraty/RJ is a destination full of tourist attractions, able to please the most diverse tastes. There are amazing beaches and waterfalls, cultural and historical tours, ecotourism, adventure sports and a must-see cuisine! The most famous tour for sure is the Historic Center, with its colonial mansions and the city's characteristic stone floors, Paraty gives us the feeling of truly being time traveling. Downtown is full of music, parties, shops and restaurants. Take a whole afternoon to take a walk and visit the local shops that are there. Whether it's in a bookstore, an art gallery or a craft store, Paraty/RJ is definitely enchanting. <3 And it's not just the Historic Center that made this destination one of the most visited cities in Brazil; be sure to expect a region full of beaches and waterfalls that form natural pools such as Pedra Branca and Tobogã. There you will find natural and cultural beauty you cannot miss. What's up? Ready to embark on this wonderful destination? With Brazil by Bus is easier to organize your trip. Just pick the date and time you prefer and pack your bags. :)

Main bus companies operating in the city

Main bus tickets

Leaving from

Paraty - RJ to Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Paraty - RJ to São Paulo - SP

Paraty - RJ to Niterói - RJ

Paraty - RJ to Itaguaí - RJ

Paraty - RJ to São Sebastião - SP

Paraty - RJ to São José dos Campos - SP

Arriving in

Rio de Janeiro - RJ to Paraty - RJ

São Paulo - SP to Paraty - RJ

Niterói - RJ to Paraty - RJ

Itaguaí - RJ to Paraty - RJ

São José dos Campos - SP to Paraty - RJ

São Sebastião - SP to Paraty - RJ

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