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Bus trip to Porto Alegre

Traveling by bus to Porto Alegre/RS is the favorite option among visitors and there are several reasons for this! The bus companies that serve the region have comfortable and modern buses, the roads have stunning landscapes, Porto Alegre bus station is among the best in Brazil and saving some extra money to enjoy the city a little more is always welcome. If you are in doubt about going by bus, beware that on busy days more than 70,000 people can pass by the bus station and are very well served by the great infrastructure of the place.

Arriving in Porto Alegre

When you disembark at Porto Alegre Bus Station you can count on fantastic services and infrastructure. This is because the bus station is considered the third best bus station in Brazil and for a long time it was considered the best in all of South America! With 24/7 operation, it has all the services the traveler may need. Very well located and served by the city's main bus and subway lines, the area is also surrounded by several hotels, restaurants, car rental agencies and many other establishments to make your trip smoother and easier! :)

Meet the destination

Whether you are going to Rio Grande do Sul on business, leisure or visiting relatives, know that your destination is among the best capital cities in Brazil, with over 80 awards and titles to brag about! No matter the reason of your visit, you cannot miss the chance to explore this amazing place. Separate an afternoon to walk through the Historic Center, watch the sunset on the Guaíba River, relax in the Redenção Park or have lunch at a traditional steakhouse. It is also worth boarding the Linha Turismo buses, which take you to the main sights of the city and have two routes, the City Tour Centro Histórico, which focuses on the historical, architectural and cultural attractions of the region, and the City Tour South Zone, which is a nonstop path, and the main attractions are the natural landscapes of the city. The ever-present cultural program, delicious food and stunning outdoor activities make the Gaucho capital a must-see destination. Here at Brazil by Bus it's easy to compare timetables, prices and buses. Board with us to the heart of Rio Grande do Sul! <3

Main bus tickets from Porto Alegre-RS

Leaving from

Porto Alegre para Terminal Rita Maria

Porto Alegre para Rodoviária Tietê

Porto Alegre para Curitiba

Porto Alegre para Balneário Camboriú

Porto Alegre para Itapema

Porto Alegre para Capão da Canoa

Arriving in

Terminal Rita Maria para Porto Alegre

Rodoviária Tietê para Porto Alegre

Curitiba para Porto Alegre

Rodoviária Novo Rio para Porto Alegre

Balneário Camboriú para Porto Alegre

Capão da Canoa para Porto Alegre

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