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Bus trip to Porto Velho

Porto Velho, capital of Rondônia, is a unique city in terms of culture and gastronomy. There the tours are diverse and go from museums and regional parties to the Madeira River tour. If you plan to travel to Porto Velho/RO by bus to visit family, friends or just get away from routine, the main way is by taking routes that connect the capitals to the city. Rio Branco, the capital of Acre, for example, is only 500 km away and has buses connecting these capitals. The main companies that disembark in Porto Velho are Eucatur, Itamarati and Roderotas. Check out the routes here at Brazil by Bus! ;)

Arriving in Porto Velho

As soon as you arrive in the city you'll already realize that it houses a mix of simplicity and richness of its historical past. When arriving you disembark inside the Porto Velho Bus Terminal, which is located in the Embratel neighborhood. To have access to attractions and accommodation just look for a taxi or public regional transport that takes you downtown. Want to save some extra money on hosting? Try staying in the central area, in which hotels have attractive prices for those on a tight budget. But if you want to invest in more comfortable and sophisticated accommodation, it's also quite simple to find luxury hotels around.

Meet the destination

Porto Velho/RO is considered the most populous city in Rondonia, and it's the only one that borders another country, Bolivia. So get ready to discover a cultural and beautiful destination, as it is surrounded by the vastness of the Amazon rainforest. You will surely love this destination <3 The city has many attractions such as the Railway Museum and the Central Market. But the highlight of Porto Velho is the Madeira River and the main attraction of the city is certainly the boat trip through it. This tour comes at a very affordable price and it's very worthwhile, especially if you are lucky enough to see the river porpoises (botos, as Brazilians call them). On the edge of the Madeira River you can find restaurants where you can enjoy the wonderful typical cuisine of the city. Among the most popular dishes are Caldeirada, Cupuaçu Pie and Buriti Doce (doce de buriti). If you are planning to go by bus to Porto Velho check out Brazil by Bus for the best routes and get your tickets online and without a queue!

Main bus tickets from Porto Velho-RO

Leaving from

Porto Velho para Rio Branco

Porto Velho para Ariquemes

Porto Velho para Cuiabá

Porto Velho para Cacoal

Porto Velho para Ji-Paraná

Porto Velho para Jaru

Arriving in

Rio Branco para Porto Velho

Ji-Paraná para Porto Velho

Cuiabá para Porto Velho

Ariquemes para Porto Velho

Cacoal para Porto Velho

Vilhena para Porto Velho

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