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Bus trip to Rio Branco

The bus trip to Rio Branco/AC is beautiful! It will surely delight you with wonderful landscapes, because the place is an area of tropical forests and incredible woods. Many people choose to travel by bus to the city, as the airport is rather far from downtown. In addition to saving money, the disembarkation is in a well located site. Here's a tip from us: Carry a carry-on bag with essentials like documents, sunglasses, a book and headphones. This makes your trip more comfortable and you will feel at ease! :)

Arriving in Rio Branco

Rio Branco International Bus Terminal is ready to make your trip amazing! Very modern and well located, the place was opened in 2012 and has excellent infrastructure, being famous for its beauty. It offers several services for travelers and draws attention due to its arts room and playroom for the little ones, differential that brings much comfort to travelers. The main municipal bus lines and taxis are nearby, as well as prominent businesses.

Meet the destination

There are people out there that say Acre doesn't exist, but we are here to say that it does. And it deserves your visit! Located in the heart of the Amazon, on the shores of the Acre River, Rio Branco/AC is the main financial, corporate and commercial center of the state. The capital of nature, as it is affectionately called, has a mix of 3 influences: the Northeasterns, the Indians and the Southerners. This blend created the wonderful culture of the place, with a cuisine full of savory dishes, with special attention to a typical local drink, Tererê, which is similar to Rio Grande do Sul's Tereré, but made with lemon juice or pineapple, different from the original one, made with herbs. Although it's not a tourist capital, this destination is increasingly drawing attention. It has several attractions and interesting places such as the Rubber Museum (Museu da Borracha), which shows some of the local history, the Old Market and the Rio Branco Palace, important sights of the city marked by history. In addition, the city has important events such as ExpoAcre, a festival that combines agriculture with 'country', and Woman's Mouth (Boca de Mulher, in portuguese), which has cultural activities on the female universe, both held annually. Embark with us to this capital with inner-country side charm, located right in the heart of the Amazon!

Main bus tickets from Rio Branco-AC

Leaving from

Rio Branco para Porto Velho

Rio Branco para Plácido de Castro

Rio Branco para Cruzeiro do Sul

Rio Branco para Cacoal

Rio Branco para Ji-Paraná

Rio Branco para Feijó

Arriving in

Porto Velho para Rio Branco

Brasiléia para Rio Branco

Cruzeiro do Sul para Rio Branco

Cacoal para Rio Branco

Feijó para Rio Branco

Tarauacá para Rio Branco

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