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Bus trip to Rio de Janeiro

With departures from major cities in Brazil and South America, the bus trip to Rio de Janeiro/RJ might seem tiring. But it's a great option for those who want a quieter, cheaper and more comfortable ride. :) If you leave from the bus station of Belo Horizonte/MG, you have the advantage of passing through the mountainous region of Rio and feel that fresh air. If you prefer the fastest way, the best option is to leave from the bus terminals of Sao Paulo/SP or Santos/SP. One thing is certain: the long hours of the trip will surely be rewarded!

Arriving in Rio de Janeiro

When you arrive at Novo Rio bus station (Rodoviária, in Portuguese), Rio de Janeiro's main bus terminal, and the second busiest in South America, you'll feel like you're in a mall. There are people everywhere, convenience stores, pharmacies, bathrooms, ATMs and two food courts. Although there are a few pushy street vendors and taxi drivers near the exit, you don't need to worry: the place is safe and signposted. It was revitalized for the World Cup in 2014. After you disembark, you can choose between taking a taxi, Light Rail (VLT) or local buses to various points in the city. Padre Henrique Otte Bus Station and Local Bus Terminal are just next door. If you want more comfort just get a "cool" (executive bus, frescão as Brazilians say). ;)

Meet the destination

Making a trip to Rio de Janeiro/RJ is a unique experience. And however much you visit the Wonderful City several times a year, there will always be a surprise waiting for you. <3 In addition to world famous sights such as Corcovado and Sugar Loaf Mountain, you will find breathtaking places and landscapes. Do you want to be even more enchanted by the city? Take a day to walk quietly along the boardwalk of the most beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro, such as Arpoador, Barra da Tijuca, Copacabana and Ipanema. Or, visit the less trendy, but no less beautiful Grumari and Joatinga beaches. If tourism is what you want, here are other places to visit: Botanical Garden and its incredible green area, the panoramic view of Pedra Bonita, the grandeur of the Municipal Theater, the colors of the Olympic Boulevard or the nightlife in the Lapa bars. Do you want to find out if Rio de Janeiro is still beautiful? So just buy your bus ticket at Brazil by Bus wherever you are. ;)

Main bus companies operating in the city

Main bus tickets

Leaving from

Rio de Janeiro - RJ to Penedo - AL

Rio de Janeiro - RJ to Uruaçu - GO

Rio de Janeiro - RJ to Jaraguá - GO

Rio de Janeiro - RJ to Barretos - SP

Rio de Janeiro - RJ to Santo Estêvão - BA

Rio de Janeiro - RJ to Rio das Flores - RJ

Arriving in

Baixa Grande - BA to Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Tupi Paulista - SP to Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Arapiraca - AL to Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Bom Conselho - PE to Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Junqueirópolis - SP to Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Pedro Canário - ES to Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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