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Bus trip to Salvador

Salvador/BA is known for its festivities, especially during Carnival. Want to travel there? Go by bus! You save money and still enjoy the trip with much comfort and relaxation. Going by bus you disembark in central Salvador. How about, then, being part of a route full of pleasant surprises and incredible nature? This is what the BR-234 provides for those traveling by bus. Be sure to check and marvel at the beauty of the route to your destination!

Arriving in Salvador

When you arrive in Salvador/BA, you disembark in the central region, where the Mercado Modelo is located. It's one of the biggest attractions in the city, and it's near the port. If you want to get to know Salvador thoroughly, take the bus “Salvadorbus”. For a super affordable price, you get to know the main sights of the city in just one day! Go to the Bonfim Church, the Castro Alves Theater and if possible get off at some of the stops to enjoy each place. Also get to know the best cuisine in the area, which may make you want to come back often!

Meet the destination

If your intention is to get to know the city of Salvador/BA in a complete way, then you cannot miss all the attractions available. From beaches to historic buildings, each part makes the visitor fall in love with this destination <3 The historical environments are able to evoke the beginning of the colonization of Brazil, with music, cuisine, religion, capoeira and a remarkable carnival! Will you enjoy every corner of Salvador? Do not miss the following landmarks of the city: Farol da Barra; Lacerda's elevator; Pelourinho; Modelo market; Senhor do Bonfim Church. It's one of the happiest cities in the country, because it's also characterized by the receptiveness of its population. A welcoming society that offers the best itineraries. From a diverse culture, it is possible to perceive and enjoy the manifestation of religion, dances and everything else :) Travel and get to know the best of the city! Are you going to Salvador? Save money and travel by bus, enjoying a beautiful and comfortable route, check out Brazil by Bus for the best ticket prices!

Main bus tickets from Salvador-BA

Leaving from

Salvador para Recife

Salvador para Feira de Santana

Salvador para Petrolina

Salvador para Vitória da Conquista

Salvador para Brasília

Salvador para Jequié

Arriving in

Recife para Salvador

Feira de Santana para Salvador

Brasília para Salvador

Petrolina para Salvador

Vitória da Conquista para Salvador

João Tomé para Salvador

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