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Bus trip to Santos

Are you going to Santos/SP by bus for the first time? If so, it's worth knowing that the city looks like a neighborhood of São Paulo/SP: only 65 km separate the two cities. If your starting point is the capital of São Paulo, boarding is at Jabaquara Bus Station (Terminal Rodoviário, as Brazilians say). A path so used among people who live in Santos and work in SP or vice versa, that buses are available every 15 minutes. From other states, stops are made in neighboring cities such as Praia Grande and

The good thing is that you can get to know the region and even see the sea. :) Speaking of which, opting for road transport is also a great idea if your destination is a cruise leaving from Santos. You save on parking rates and the port is 2.5 km from the bus station. :)

Arriving in Santos

When you arrive in Santos/SP the first impression it gives you is that you are entering an old and typically port city. But just by the sea, everything changes: there is the largest urban waterfront garden in the world, as well as several modern buildings, restaurants and hotels. With a great location, right in the center, Santos Bus Station is close to Valongo Terminal, from where buses leave for the whole city. Upon disembarkation, you will find restrooms, drinking fountains, ATMs, luggage storage, snack bars and taxi stands.

Meet the destination

It's impossible to talk about Santos/SP without remembering at least one of its three great celebrities: the singer Chorão, from the early-2000's Brazilian band Charlie Brown Jr., and the soccer players Neymar and Pelé. Portraits of these stories can be seen in tourist spots such as the skate park at the José Menino Beach that got its name after Chorão, and the Memorial of Achievements in Vila Belmiro, which got Neymar's and Pele's life story told. In addition to music and football, you'll also be amazed by the waterfront promenade: in it there is the largest urban waterfront garden in the world. Perfect for walking or cycling on its bike path. Other attractions that are also worth a visit? For those who like history, the Coffee Museum and the trolley tourist line are good choices in the historic center. Nature lovers must not miss the Orchid Garden - Orquidário in Portuguese -, and the Municipal Aquarium of Santos. To enjoy the view of the Santos coast, São Vicente beach and the Suspension Bridge are good spots, the tip is to venture up to the Caeté Lookout with friends :) You will be amazed! <3 Haven't you bought your bus ticket to Santos? We can help you: you can plan your trip in advance with Brazil by Bus. Come with us! ;)

Main bus companies operating in the city

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Leaving from

Santos - SP to Miracatu - SP

Santos - SP to Esplanada - BA

Santos - SP to São Paulo - SP

Santos - SP to Guarulhos - SP

Santos - SP to Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Santos - SP to Campinas - SP

Arriving in

Itabaiana - SE to Santos - SP

Miracatu - SP to Santos - SP

São Paulo - SP to Santos - SP

Rio de Janeiro - RJ to Santos - SP

Campinas - SP to Santos - SP

São Paulo - SP to Santos - SP

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