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Bus trip to São Luís

If you love to relax and enjoy a beautiful scenery, then taking the bus to São Luís/MA is surely made for you! With horizons full of incredible views and typical forests of the Amazon and the Northeast, the lush and natural landscapes are wonderful. The trip to the destination will delight you, for sure. The entrance to the city is made by the BR-135 highway and the Marcelino Machado Bridge is responsible for connecting the island to the mainland. It is worth paying attention to see the waters of the Mosquito Strait (Estreito do Mosquito, in Portuguese) welcoming you to the “Brazilian Athens”.

Arriving in São Luís

When you arrive in São Luís you will be very well received by the largest bus station in the state of Maranhão, responsible for transporting thousands of Brazilians in more than 10 states! The bus station has all the necessary infrastructure, and it's very well located, close to hotels, restaurants, main bus lines and the Bacanga State Park, which aims to preserve the Amazon rainforest of the region. The site promotes various recreational, leisure and educational activities. It's worth checking!

Meet the destination

The city of São Luís/MA, located on Upaon-Açu Island, is memorable for its culture, its hand painted tiles, its flavors, its bumba meu boi (typical dance of the region), its beaches - the list of good memories this destination can to offer you is endless! Blending past with future, the city is listed as a World-Heritage Site. On its horizon are 18th century mansions and elegant modern buildings that stand out in front of breathtaking beaches. The “island of love” has a peculiar cuisine. Its most famous dish is cuxá, delicacy made with vegetables, dried shrimps, sesame and manioc flour and to accompany try the famous guarana jesus. Feel like enjoying the night? Do not miss the renowned pubs, kiosks and pizzerias scattered throughout the city. If you are thinking of going to the capital of Maranhão, be sure to explore the historic center, participate in traditional festivals and of course enjoy the beaches of the region. Come visit São Luís! Buy your ticket on Brazil by Bus right now :)

Main bus companies operating in the city

Main bus tickets

Leaving from

São Luís - MA to Tucuruí - PA

São Luís - MA to Belágua - MA

São Luís - MA to Itupiranga - PA

São Luís - MA to Araguatins - TO

São Luís - MA to Paulino Neves - MA

São Luís - MA to Teresina - PI

Arriving in

Teresina - PI to São Luís - MA

Bacabal - MA to São Luís - MA

Fortaleza - CE to São Luís - MA

Belém - PA to São Luís - MA

Caxias - MA to São Luís - MA

Timon - MA to São Luís - MA

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