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Bus trip to Teresina

Traveling by bus to Teresina/PI is a very interesting alternative for those who prefer to explore cities not much contemplated by tourism. It may require long hours, but it also provides the opportunity to relax and admire the scenery of Piaui's roads. The city's bus station is on the roadside of BR-343, which connects the state of Piauí to Ceará and also the capital to the state coast. Searching for bus tickets to Teresina? So you're in the right place at the right time: check out the best schedules at Brazil by Bus! ;)

Arriving in Teresina

When arriving in Teresina/PI it's easy to see why it's affectionately known as Green City. Its streets and avenues are beyond wooded. An irresistible invitation to breathe fresh air. <3 There are so many trees that they be seen by the surroundings of the Teresina Bus Station. Located on BR-343, Lucídio Portela Bus Terminal is clean, organized and has been improving over time. It offers free Wi-Fi, restrooms, ATMs, a wide range of snack bars, craft shops, taxi stand and televisions to entertain passengers between trips.

Meet the destination

Although not very mentioned by tourism, Teresina/PI is a very inviting city. It was the first planned Brazilian capital and still has a special taste of the past. Having a typical model of the colonial period that closely resembles a chessboard, it's super easy to circulate through it. :) With some of the best doctors in the country, it's highly sought after by people seeking advanced medical treatments. But it can also be very well enjoyed in every tourist spot or restaurant. Among its main attractions, the highlight goes to the Meeting of Rivers Environmental Park - Parque Ambiental do Encontro dos Rios in Portuguese. This is where the Parnaíba and Poti rivers meet and become one. A perfect place to go hiking, see handicrafts, bike rides, take a speedboat ride and have lunch at a floating restaurant. Another place worth visiting is the Estaiada Bridge: by day, it gives access to an overlook with an impressive view of Teresina, and at night it gets incredible lighting. Get your phone ready to take those inspiring Instagram photos! <3 Planning to unlock the unknown of the capital of Piaui? Choose your bus tickets to Teresina in advance on Brazil by Bus!

Main bus companies operating in the city

Main bus tickets

Leaving from

Teresina - PI to Fortaleza - CE

Teresina - PI to Parnaíba - PI

Teresina - PI to São Luís - MA

Teresina - PI to Luís Correia - PI

Teresina - PI to Tianguá - CE

Teresina - PI to Piripiri - PI

Arriving in

Gama - DF to Teresina - PI

Fortaleza - CE to Teresina - PI

São Luís - MA to Teresina - PI

Parnaíba - PI to Teresina - PI

Luís Correia - PI to Teresina - PI

Piripiri - PI to Teresina - PI

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