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Bus trip to Uberaba

The trip by bus to Uberaba/MG is known for being quiet and with highways in excellent condition. It's the perfect chance to relax and enjoy an amazing ride! The main routes to this destination depart from São Paulo/SP, Uberlândia/MG and Ribeirão Preto/SP. And if you are not in these places, don't worry! There are several lines to Uberaba/MG, I'm sure one matches your place of origin. Our tip is: Be sure to enjoy the wonderful cuisine of Minas, since at the bus stops you will have the chance to find these refinements. You can't miss it, traveler! :)

Arriving in Uberaba

When you disembark at Uberaba Bus Terminal, officially known as Jurandyr Cordeiro Bus Terminal, you will be in the São Benedito neighborhood, one of the oldest in the city. The location of the terminal is amazing! Nearby there are several hotels and inns, authentic Minas Gerais restaurants and less than a 6-minute drive from Chico Xavier Memorial, Mata do Ipê Park and Uberaba Shopping Center. The terminal is served by more than 15 bus companies! The main ones are Eucatur, Expresso do Sul and Real Expresso.

Meet the destination

Located in the Mineiro triangle, Uberaba/MG is increasingly gaining attention in the tourist scene. This is because the city can offer from handicrafts to eco tours. It's friendly for the whole family and pleases everyone! Religiosity is very present in the city, either by huge Catholic churches or symbols of spiritism (it's, Kardecist Spiritism), having as icon Chico Xavier, born in the city. Diversity is a word that defines this face of Uberaba/MG! The destination also reserves amazing landscapes! Blessed by nature with crystal clear waterfalls and a renowned archaeological site, the famous tours through their exuberant nature are: a walk through the Mata do Ipê, diving in the beautiful waterfalls and hiking through the local parks. One of the main tourist attractions in the city is Expozebu, the largest zebu cattle exhibition in the world, which happens annually with many attractions such as rodeos, shows and the exhibition itself. Travelers' favorite attractions also include a tour of the Chico Xavier Memorial, the Miraculous Coin Sanctuary (Santuário da Moeda Milagrosa, in Portuguese) and visits to the various museums in the area. Invite the whole family and embark on this must-see destination in cozy Minas Gerais. Come with Brazil by Bus!

Main bus companies operating in the city

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Leaving from

Uberaba - MG to Guaíra - SP

Uberaba - MG to Pimenta Bueno - RO

Uberaba - MG to Penápolis - SP

Uberaba - MG to São Paulo - SP

Uberaba - MG to Brasília - DF

Uberaba - MG to Goiânia - GO

Arriving in

Lavras - MG to Uberaba - MG

São Carlos - SP to Uberaba - MG

Itapema - SC to Uberaba - MG

Rio Claro - SP to Uberaba - MG

Sacramento - MG to Uberaba - MG

Porto Velho - RO to Uberaba - MG

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