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Bus trip to Guarujá

Traveling by bus to Guarujá/SP is an amazing ride. The bus station is beautiful and was listed as a historical heritage of the city. There are more than 30 bus companies working to make the travel experience wonderful, the main ones being: Cometa, Rapid Brasil and Util. All with a comfortable and modern fleet! The main entrance to the city is through the SP-248/55 highway, and the landscapes are amazing. The path is surrounded by forests of the Serra do Mar and in some parts there are breathtaking lookout points!

Arriving in Guarujá

When you arrive in Guarujá/SP, the disembarkation takes place at the city's bus terminal and it's ready to give you a warm welcome! Having incredible infrastructure, there are: toilets, lost and found, a large commercial area, ATMs, devices for charging notebooks and mobile phones, and let's not forget that the terminal is adapted to cater for passengers with special needs and reduced mobility. :) Surely Guarujá Bus Station is ready to make your trip an amazing experience!

Meet the destination

If you are looking for fun, rest or just taking a break from your routine, you will love Guarujá/SP! Filled with beaches and natural beauty, the destination is a bustling city in the Santos area, just 1h30 from São Paulo! The best parts of Guaruja are the beaches, no questions there! There are 27 of them for you to enjoy and if added, they extend for 22.3km in length. Surely you will find one for your liking! Among the favorites are Praia do Tombo, known for hosting surfing championships and Asturias Beach, 2km from the city center, perfect for a sea bath. But Guarujá/SP isn't merely beaches. With an excellent infrastructure, the city has shopping malls, markets, shops and all the stuff a comfortable touristic city must have. Leisure activities abound: visits to the forts, boat and schooner rides, visit to the city's aquarium - which is considered one of the largest in South America -, ecological walks, among many others, are tours this place has to offer. And when night falls the “Pearl of the Atlantic” does not let you down. A buzzing nightlife rises: on every corner you'll find a bar with live music, nightclubs and charming restaurants. Board with us to this amazing destination! Come with Brazil by Bus. ;)

Main bus companies operating in the city

Main bus tickets

Leaving from

Guarujá - SP to São Paulo - SP

Guarujá - SP to São Bernardo do Campo - SP

Guarujá - SP to Santo André - SP

Guarujá - SP to São Paulo - SP

Guarujá - SP to São Sebastião - SP

Guarujá - SP to Caraguatatuba - SP

Arriving in

São Paulo - SP to Guarujá - SP

São Paulo - SP to Guarujá - SP

Santo André - SP to Guarujá - SP

São Bernardo do Campo - SP to Guarujá - SP

São Sebastião - SP to Guarujá - SP

Caraguatatuba - SP to Guarujá - SP

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